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Hurricane Ian Support

We are excited to announce we are heading to Fort Myers to plant ourself for a year or longer to partner with other organizations and churches to help recover and rebuild. We will be sharing resources for people to get help, places to stay until they find a home, organizations or business that are helping with restorations, drying or cut outs and rebuilding. We will also be partnering with churches or organizations that are helping to serve the community, meals, supplies and prayers. We want to strengthen each and every family we meet by helping to support their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and medical needs. We saw so many random acts of kindness each and every day we were there. We also heard stories with the teams we were working with. Some people lost everything but were there to help others. We are so very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing it with all of you. If you feel led to come and help for a few days, please let us know. If you feel led to give a donation, we truly appreciate it. Everything goes towards our missions, including our own funds.

Terrie Lacheney

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